One Story

Many schools are familiar with the “common book” approach, where a piece of literature is infused throughout the curriculum of multiple classes. “One Story” is the JEA/NSPA take on this idea. We encourage all participants of the National High School Journalism Convention to read the Colorado Springs Gazette’s four-part series “Other than honorable,” which examined how wounded combat veterans were mistreated, focusing on loss of benefits for life after discharge by the Army for minor offenses. The story won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting.

JEA’s curriculum leaders have developed lesson plans for you to incorporate “Other than honorable” into your classroom, and stories and photos from the series will be used in multiple sessions at the convention, highlighted by the keynote address from the project’s team, Dave Philipps, Michael Ciaglo and Joanna Bean.

One Story Lesson Plans

Keynote address

The team behind the “Other Than Honorable” series spoke at the National High School Journalism Convention.